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Just another cruel fairytale...

Name: Ponepila Corina Thienpheth Vorachith
Nickname: Rein, Reema, Pon, Nee-chan, Melody-chan/Melody, Sadako, Samura (I think that was her name...)
Age: 13
Location: Cornelius, Oregon

Likes: Mangas, animes, video games, music, reading, writing, my friends, my non-biological family, bishonens, being online, yaoi, yuri, bishojos, poetry, food and lots of other things...
Dislikes: Homophobes, snobs, sexists, racists, labels, my biological family, myself, school, math, people who pick on me or my friends for no reason and lots of other things...
Hobbies & Talents: Reading, writing, poetry, playing video games - although I'm not so good at writing or poetry...

Strong points: Kindness. Caring. Sweetness. Gentleness (or at least try to be). Protectiveness. Some-what funny and randomness. Does Laziness count?
Weaknesses: A lot of things...
Dreams? To get the hell outta my house and start a new life... somewhere far far away... and snag the computer along with
Fears? People leaving me

Alone or with a group? Either - depends who I'm going with.
Leader or Follower? Either.
Listener or Speaker? Usually listener - but either.
Persistent or Weak-willed? Either.
Pessimistic or Optimistic? Either.
Fun or Business? Usually fun - but either.
Agressive or Passive? .... Sadly, I can't say so myself...
Hyper or calm?: Usually calm - hyper on occasions
Confident or Modest? Modest. Rarely confident.

Favorite food? Whatever tastes good ^_^
Favorite color: Whatever color I like o.o
Favorite animal: The animals of the zodiac, cats and birds.
Favorite quote or phrase? [Explain] "I thought you were my fairytale, a dream when I'm not sleeping" because its from High School Musical and its kinda true sometimes...

First Kaori Yuki work? Angel Sanctuary
Favorite Kaori Yuki work? Angel Sanctuary
Least liked Kaori Yuki work? None actually ^^; To be honest, I only read Godchild and Angel Sanctuary >.< Forgive me!!
Favorite Kaori Yuki character? Cain, Merriweather, Sara, Kira, Setsuna, Arakune, Kurai, Belial, Micheal, Lucifer, Alexiel, Moon Lily, Kato, Katan and Gabriel
Least liked Kaori Yuki character? Oh god... I hate Setsuna's and Sara's mother thats for sure... and Rossiel ><;;
Her style was best in which manga? Angel Sanctuary
Kaori Yuki OTP? [can be crossover, as long as it's still Kaori Yuki]

How did you find this place? ............. I forgot.
Post at least ONE picture of yourself.
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My shades <3 <3 <3

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