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Just another cruel fairytale

Name: Jasmin
Nickname: Jas, Jizmen, Jasuko
Age: 15
Location: Computer room.

Likes: Rainy days, video games, JRock, anime, manga, classical music, literature, satire
Dislikes: Ignorance, being forced into the spotlight, overzealous religious fanatics....vegetables
Hobbies & Talents: Playing saxophone/clarinet/piano, web design, playing video games, reading, occassionally transcribing sheet music, drawing

Strong points: Intelligent, refusal to lose, loyal
Weaknesses: Sometimes egotistical, stubborn, clumsy, can't say "no" to others
Dreams? Get a good job and save up for a giant cathedral-style pipe organ. Cha-ching! (A bit ambitious, though.)
Fears? Having nobody to talk to.

Alone or with a group? Alone.
Leader or Follower? Depends on the situation.
Listener or Speaker? Speaker, unfortunately.
Persistent or Weak-willed? Persistent.
Pessimistic or Optimistic? Pessimistic - I can't be too disappointed if I expect the worst.
Fun or Business? A good balance.
Agressive or Passive? Agressive
Hyper or calm?: Calm, unless I'm really worked up about something.
Confident or Modest? Confident on the inside, modest on the outside.

Favorite food? Instant Yakisoba, I swear.
Favorite color: Crimson
Favorite animal: None particular but I'll say either eagles or wolves.
Favorite quote or phrase? "All art is quite useless." and "There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all." written by Oscar Wilde in the Preface of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Simply because I agree with the idea that art should be nothing but art, and that art's purpose is to have no purpose than to be art. The second quote actually fits pretty well with the controversy of Kaori Yuki's works.

First Kaori Yuki work? Godchild, me thinks.
Favorite Kaori Yuki work? Ludwig Kakumei
Least liked Kaori Yuki work? Bloodhound
Favorite Kaori Yuki character? Wilhelm
Least liked Kaori Yuki character? Actually, no one really, believe it or not.
Her style was best in which manga? I personally liked her art in Godchild best.
Kaori Yuki OTP? [can be crossover, as long as it's still Kaori Yuki] I have none. I don't really care much about romantic involvement. (Again, this probably contradicts the whole point of Kaori Yuki's manga.)

How did you find this place? The Ratings Master Links listing.
Post at least ONE picture of yourself.

Mmm....kinda crqappy, but I have no other pictures and my digital camera needs a change of batteries.
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