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The Kawaii Chibi Alchemist

Just Another Cruel Fairytale

Nickname: Cami
Location: Um....someplace.

Likes:Outdoors, Swimming, Animals, Anime, Manga, Closets, Burritos, Typing, Writing, Dancing, Singing, Hanging out with friends, Sleepovers.
Dislikes:Small Spiders, People who can't sing and try to anyway, people who bother me when they know i'm doing something, Bratty people,
Hobbies & Talents:I like to and i'm good at Drawing, Singing, Dancing, and playing Video Games.

Strong points: I'm Generous, Caring, Optimistic, and an all around nice person
Dreams? To become someone that is either looked up to or famous.
Fears?All the people and animals i love getting hurt.

Alone or with a group? Alone when i'm tired and cranky, but when i'm bubbly and hyper, i like to be with at least 1-3 more people.
Leader or Follower? depends. If i need to be a leader, i will be. But if i need to be a follower, i can be a follower.
Listener or Speaker?Same as above
Persistent or Weak-willed? Persistant with things i like, Weak Willed with things i don't like
Pessimistic or Optimistic?OPTIMISTIC
Fun or Business?...psh, FUN!
Agressive or Passive?Passive.
Hyper or calm?:Calm when i need to be, Hyper around friends!
Confident or Modest?Confident, i guess.

Favorite food? That's tough. I pretty much like anything except like, spicy stuff and stuff that has peanuts (allergic)
Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: Wolf
Favorite quote or phrase? [Explain]

First Kaori Yuki work? Godchild
Favorite Kaori Yuki work?Godchild
Least liked Kaori Yuki work? I don't think there is any
Favorite Kaori Yuki character?Cain, he's pretty cool
Least liked Kaori Yuki character? I don't think i have any..
Her style was best in which manga?That's a tough one...i'm not sure.
Kaori Yuki OTP? [can be crossover, as long as it's still Kaori Yuki]

How did you find this place? Through my friend
Post at least ONE picture of yourself.

[Notice: PLease write 'Unstamped' in the tags. M'kay? Good.]
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